"I'd go barefoot all the time if I could."

We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often -- even in public! This site has tons of resources to help society become more "barefoot friendly," but you must begin with your own two feet.

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Update Your Links: 'Primalfoot' Resources Expiring

Persons with Websites and other online resources linking to early "Primalfoot Alliance" brand content will want to update their links by Tuesday, March 18, when these resources expire.

When our current name, The Barefoot Alliance, replaced the "Primalfoot" name in 2013, the former Website URL,, was retained as a redirect to the new site. On Tuesday, and any associated redirects will expire and not transfer visitors to our current URL.

Please change any and all links containing "" to "".

Anyone who participated in the Primalfoot Alliance affiliate program and posted the associated badge to their site(s) will notice in the supplied HTML code that it still pulled from and linked to after our name change.

Now, we would love for anyone who supports the Barefoot Alliance to post our badge to their site(s) with the following new code:

<a href="" title="The Barefoot Alliance: Barefoot is human. We are barefoot.">
<img src="" alt="The Barefoot Alliance: Barefoot is human. We are barefoot." />

That code will display a badge that looks like this:


The old Primalfoot Alliance Facebook page will also be deactivated on Tuesday, March 18. Our friends and followers are encouraged to Like our current page at

Twitter and Instagram users will continue to find us on those respective services at @WeAreBarefoot.

Questions? Please reach out to us on our Contact page and we'll be happy to help.

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