"I'd go barefoot all the time if I could."

We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often -- even in public! This site has tons of resources to help society become more "barefoot friendly," but you must begin with your own two feet.

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Update Your Links: 'Primalfoot' Resources Expiring

Persons with Websites and other online resources linking to early "Primalfoot Alliance" brand content will want to update their links by Tuesday, March 18, when these resources expire.

When our current name, The Barefoot Alliance, replaced the "Primalfoot" name in 2013, the former Website URL,, was retained as a redirect to the new site. On Tuesday, and any associated redirects will expire and not transfer visitors to our current URL.

Please change any and all links containing "" to "".

Anyone who participated in the Primalfoot Alliance affiliate program and posted the associated badge to their site(s) will notice in the supplied HTML code that it still pulled from and linked to after our name change.

Now, we would love for anyone who supports the Barefoot Alliance to post our badge to their site(s) with the following new code:

<a href="" title="The Barefoot Alliance: Barefoot is human. We are barefoot.">
<img src="" alt="The Barefoot Alliance: Barefoot is human. We are barefoot." />

That code will display a badge that looks like this:

The Barefoot Alliance: Barefoot is human. We are barefoot.  

The old Primalfoot Alliance Facebook page will also be deactivated on Tuesday, March 18. Our friends and followers are encouraged to Like our current page at

Twitter and Instagram users will continue to find us on those respective services at @WeAreBarefoot.

Questions? Please reach out to us on our Contact page and we'll be happy to help.


Help! Wanted: Passionate Volunteers

It may be the middle of winter (in the northern hemisphere), but with the new year our advisory committee is looking for help in advocating for bare feet when nicer weather approaches.

Do you love going barefoot? Are you social media savvy? Do you have experience and an oddly-elevated interest in Web development, graphic design, media production, database programming, finance, retail, community building, or research? Do you have a general passion for advocating for people who go barefoot? If you answered "yes" to these questions, consider joining our movement!

"Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /"If we're going to continue growing our advocacy of barefoot living, we must grow and our programs and exposure must grow.

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to coordinate and lead various programs of The Barefoot Alliance in 2014 and beyond.

These volunteers would also serve on our Advisory Committee, assisting founder Michael Buttgen in organizational decision making. 

We're looking for barefooters -- or those who have a passion for helping us out -- to fill the following needs:

  • Message Managers - These people consider themselves social media "power users." They think in hashtags when online. They know the ins and outs of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. When's the best time to post a tweet for maximum exposure? These folks can tell you. What blog subjects will pull in the greatest exposure? They know.
  • Multimedia Mavens - They have that "eye" for artistry and design. Well versed in still photography and videography, these people also have a passion for all things "cool" and creative. They want to make a statement with what they make and are willing to go that extra mile to put a polish on their work.
  • Data Developers - Simply comfortable with code. These people LOVE getting the nitty gritty of database creation and management, and can troubleshoot a finnicky Website without breaking a sweat. Want to set up a database of members and/or groups throughout the world and map where they're located? (hint, hint) They reply with "Challenge accepted!"
  • Community Coordinators - These are the "people people." They'd love to bring people together for a common cause, and they love planning events and outings for those groups. Experienced in keeping calendars, working with vendors, sending out reminders, and running activities, they are comfortable in both online chat rooms and coffee shops.
  • Research Rats - If "studies have shown" something, we want to know about it, verify its validity, and be able to cite it. These people love to look up this stuff AND analyze study methodology. If there's a policy, law, or lack of a policy or law about going barefoot, we want to know that, too. Furthermore, they might find it "fun" to dig through court cases that have to do with bare feet.
  • Financial Fundraisers - Money may not buy happiness, but it can sure solve a lot of problems and pay for really great stuff. These people have experience and are good at finding ways to raise money and do an amazing job of helping keeping track of it. (It may seem strange to think funding is necessary to advocate for bare feet, but many programs that could be very effective would never work without funding.)

We don't have the ability to pay anyone for their help right now, but that may be a possibility in the future. Hopefully, making positive strides toward a more barefoot-tolerant culture can be reward enough right now.

If you think you "fit" with one of the categories above and would be interested in helping The Barefoot Alliance, please fill out our volunteer application form at the following link and let's talk.

Apply to Volunteer


Hiker Hits 2,000 Barefoot Miles

Bob Neinast's son hiking up Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in May 2013Bob Neinast, long-time barefooter from Ohio, reported on his blog today that he has officially hiked more than 2,000 miles barefoot. That's approximately the distance between Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois. He also estimates he hiked at least 1,000 miles prior to keeping records, but doesn't include those in his official number.

Neinast has hiked all over, from rocky canyons to tree-filled forests. He reports, "the hikes include the South Dakota Badlands (gumbo), Yellowstone (Hoodoos), the Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, and myriads of locations around Ohio."

"Folks marvel at it, but it is really the easiest thing in the world."

As part of his blog, he posts various topographical maps and photos of his hikes -- and many are impressive. The reports give the reader insight into many natural areas that many of us will never experience.

Bob's barefoot hikes are a sterling example that our feet are capable of so much more than many people give them credit for. One excuse that many "experts" give for recommending against barefoot living is that people were never meant to walk on the rock-hard man-made surfaces we have today. Neinast's barefoot hikes in some of the rockiest places in the United States show that people can walk barefoot successfully in places even far less soft and refined than the floors of your local retail shop.

"Folks marvel at it, but it is really the easiest thing in the world," he said in one recent post of hiking barefoot on rocky surfaces.

Bob Neinast hiking the Grand Canyon in May 2013"You’ll get podiatrists making these outrageous claims that our feet were not evolved to hike/walk/run on 'unnatural' surfaces like asphalt or concrete. All you have to do is hike a bit on these sandstone cliffs to realize how silly that is."

We encourage our supporters to try out barefoot hiking if you haven't already. You will probably find it to be an amazing experience.

We congratulate Bob on his barefoot hiking milestone and wish him the very best for many miles to come!

To read more about Bob and his barefoot journeys, visit his Website at