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We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often -- even in public! This site has tons of resources to help society become more "barefoot friendly," but you must begin with your own two feet.

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Thoughts on a Study of Pronation and the Need for Shoes

Foot pronation is not associated with an increased risk of injury in novice runners, a prospective study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found. The study calls into question claims that foot type and pronation are key in choosing what shoes a person wears when running. The Barefoot Alliance asserts that this helps reinforce our opinion that it's best for healthy individuals to allow feet to remain barefoot or wear only minimal foot protection when walking or running.

According to an article published in the New York Times, Danish researchers used "elaborate measurements and visual evaluations" to follow 927 healthy individuals of both sexes ranging in age from 18 to 65 over the course of a year.

Rasmus Ostergaard Nielsen, the researcher who led the study, concluded that foot type is far down the list of considerations when beginning a running regimen. He said runners would more effectively “pay attention to things like body mass, training, behavior, age and previous injury in order to prevent running-related injuries.”

Because the study only had participants use "neutral" running shoes, it's not appropriate to say that the results can directly endorse a case for barefoot activity. We believe, however, that it makes a good point about the role of shoes in controlling and fixing what many podiatrists and other experts believe are flaws with the human foot. A need for arch support is often claimed as a fix for pronation, however this study implies against that need.

Daniel Howell, PhD, a biology professor at Liberty University and author of The Barefoot Book, has long asserted that arch supports are unnecessary and can harm the innate functioning of the feet. He has even posted a short Youtube video describing the importance of the windlass mechanism and how shoes with arch support -- purportedly for the purpose of fixing overpronation -- cause a disruption.

We must also note that this discussion is about "healthy" individuals. People who are obese, have foot complications due to diabetes, or suffer from peripheral neuropathy must consult with their health care providers about the appropriateness of barefoot activity.


Olympics Features Several Sports With Barefoot Athletes

Many athletes find that their sport is best performed while barefoot. After all, going barefoot is a great way to maintain strength, flexibility and sensation in the feet!

As the Games of the 30th Olympiad begin in London, here's a list of events (in no particular order) that are worth checking out and regularly feature barefoot athletes:

  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Sychronized Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Judo
  • Taekwondo

We believe that if athletes in these sports can safely go barefoot, walking around in daily life -- even in public -- can be perfectly fine.

To check out ALL the sports represented at the Olympics, visit the official Olympics site.


Alliance Opposes Ohio Statehouse Shoe Rule

The Primalfoot Alliance, an organization that advocates worldwide for the barefoot lifestyle, stands in opposition of a rule requiring that visitors to the Ohio Statehouse wear "shoes or comparable footwear." The rule was approved 8-2 by a committee and will now go before the entire state legislature.

In December, we sent letters to each member of the Joint Commission for Agency Rule Review (JCARR) speaking on behalf of all barefooters in Ohio and beyond. We expressed our concern that requiring shoes of visitors takes away an individual's right to make health decisions about their own body and forces a biomechanical restriction on feet. Apparently those concerns fell on deaf ears.

The leadership of The Primalfoot Alliance will now be considering what actions this organization can take to have this rule repealed. Options include petitioning all supporters of barefoot living to send emails and letters to the legislature as a whole or petitioning the ACLU for assistance in defending barefooters' natural rights.

Many legal precedents beyond this single action have already been set against the barefoot movement. Now it is time for a sea change to begin that stops additional damage to the movement and reclaims rights for anyone who chooses to live without shoes. If we cannot do that, bare feet and our natural rights will continue to be blocked in irreperable ways.


Columbus Dispatch: "Bare feet officially going bye-bye at Statehouse" 
Ahcuah: "Statehouse Shootdown" 

Corrected: Struck statement saying that the rule goes before the entire state legislature. Because it was not rejected it will automatically go into effect once filed.