"I'd go barefoot all the time if I could."

We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often -- even in public! This site has tons of resources to help society become more "barefoot friendly," but you must begin with your own two feet.

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Our Affiliate Program Begins!

We hope to see this Affiliate Badge all over the place!It's with great pleasure that The Primalfoot Alliance announces the start of our Affiliate Program! More than just a run-of-the-mill blogroll, our categorized affiliate listings will highlight each partner site/blog/organization with their own page. Visitors to PrimalfootAlliance.org will be able to read a brief synopsis of each affiliate, view a glimpse of the affiliate's logo or home page and access their Website/Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube links all in one place. In turn, visitors to our affiliates' sites will see our badge (displayed left) and know that we share a mutual advocacy for primal feet.

We have put a lot of time and effort into developing this. The full Advisory Board has worked to refine this program into something really special and exciting for our organization. After all, we are The Primalfoot Alliance, and it's key that we all come together to advocate for feet. Much of our strength as an organization will be our ability to articulate the volume of support behind the cause of primalfoot lifestyles. This program will allow for that.

Beginning today, we are accepting requests from potential affiliates and posting the affiliate pages of our Advisory Board members. As we receive new submissions, we'll work to get them added to the site as soon as possible. Please be patient, though! We still have our full site launch to take care of. (Oh, by the way, when our full site launches, the affiliate list will get even better design and content. What you see right now is just a place holder.)

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of The Primalfoot Alliance, please begin by carefully reading our Affiliate Program Overview. From that page, you will be linked to our sign-up form.

We look forward to working together. Thanks so much for all you do in advocating for primal feet!