"I'd go barefoot all the time if I could."

We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often -- even in public! This site has tons of resources to help society become more "barefoot friendly," but you must begin with your own two feet.

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Going barefoot is usually thought of as removing our shoes, but what if we turned that idea around?

We live in a society in which footwear is the norm. We don't sleep with our shoes on, but we spend most of our waking hours with something attached to our feet -- limiting their function and blocking our bodies from the world around us.

Bare feet are the human condition. You feel that every time you remove your shoes. Your feet suddenly are elated to be free -- to be human again.

The hashtag #BarefootIsHuman sums up our message: Going barefoot isn't the removal of shoes, but remaining what you are in the first place.

The human feet are meant to function without footwear: Each foot contains thousands of nerve endings. One quarter of the bones in our body are below our ankles. Our bodies were intended to use the intricate system of joints, ligaments, and tendons in our feet.

Many people think that our society is too dangerous for going barefoot, but the human feet are incredibly adaptable and resilient. What's more, the well-maintained areas in which we live are very safe for going without shoes.

We invite you to look around our site, learn the facts about going barefoot, and when you're ready ...

Start remaining what you are: human.