"I'd go barefoot all the time if I could."

We hear that sentiment ALL the time! Really. You CAN go barefoot much more often and in many more places! This site has tons of resources to help society become more barefoot friendly, but you must begin with your own two feet.

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An alliance of humans who stay barefoot - even while out in public places.

The Barefoot Alliance connects and supports the growing number of individuals and groups who let human feet be feet. We encourage living free of footwear in everyday situations, both indoors and outside. Going barefoot is a simple way to be healthy, relaxed, joyful, playful, and more aware of our surroundings. It is at least as safe as wearing flip flops, high heels, or many other commonly worn types of shoes. Like gloves and hats, shoes can sometimes be useful tools or fun accessories, but they are not a required part of our existence. Footwear should never replace the job of our feet!

No shoes? No problem!

Shoes are actually the cause of many health problems.

You can live free of footwear.

Liability and the law favor the feet.

Barefoot is safe, healthy, and human.